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If your experience with electrical contractors has been anything like mine, you've found it likely that you'll be flaked on. Russ Galloway is the exception to that rule. He is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive.


"Russ is my go-to guy for jobs, big or small.


When I recently had a bad breaker at my house, Russ gave me a spare so I wouldn't have to buy a new one at Home Depot. He even offered to come install it, during the evening, on a weekend if I had any trouble. He was genuinely concerned that my kids' milk would go bad if I had to wait until a weekday!


He is not just a great electrician, but an all around awesome human being."


– William S. (05/04/16)

Bathroom lighting

Accessorize your bathroom space with an adequate and attractive lighting so you and your house guests can find relaxation in this part of your home since this will be seen by most people who will visit your house.


Installing a great set of lights in such a key room will also help increase our home's resale value.  With Russ Galloway Electric's custom lighting and installations, you will not only increase your home's value but you will also provide a beautiful setting for you and your guests in your bathroom.

Stylize your bathroom

Lighting that fits your style

Bathroom Lighting Services

Make any room seem brighter by upgrading  your bathroom lights. This will not only give your home a style boost but will also serve a functional purpose as well. A simple addition such as an exclusive Shower Light or a good Mirror and Vanity Lighting can add convenience and practicality to your bathroom.

Bathroom lighting

Russ Galloway makes sure  to enhance your bathroom lighting with the right set of lights. Call us today for a consultation!

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