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Kitchen lighting

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Consider these types of lighting to boost your kitchen's function and visual appeal

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Kitchen lighting

Improve your kitchen's functionality and style by investing in a good kitchen lighting. After all, the quality of the food you are preparing is affected if you can't see what you are doing. Let Russ Galloway Electric help you out with choosing your beautiful light fixtures which can provide you with the lighting you need or the appearance and mood you are trying to achieve for your kitchen.

  • Ambient Light is used to provide general illumination for your kitchen. In  a kitchen with a lot of natural light during the day, it may be used only during the evening, so consider its effect after dusk. Chandeliers, track lighting, or wall-mounted fixtures are a few examples of ambient lighting.

  • Accent Light highlights focal points of the kitchen. Directional recessed, track lighting, and soft spotlights are effective forms for bringing out your kitchen's best features.

  • Task Lighting (desk lamps) is used to provide illumination for performing specific tasks, such as cooking on a stovetop, a food prep area, or a serving area. The following work especially well:

1. Track Light illuminates a workspace from overheard. It uses incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen bulbs. Replacing a central light fixture with track lighting provides versatility, and simplicity. The existing electrical box can be used without any additional boxes being required.

2. Pendant Light comes in a wide variety of styles, and adds beauty and function to your design. It's excellent for a breakfast bar, or a food prep area.

3. Recessed Light in the ceiling, and under cabinets, provides an excellent source of attractive lighting. It is ideal for illuminating countertop work areas. Recessed lighting provides aesthetic appeal, and a sense of drama when installed above or under cabinets. A variety of fixtures are now available for the look and style you desire.